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The Importance Of Image Communication

From a historical point of view, the primacy of the image is clear, just think about the man of Atapuerca with the very limited resources that had painted in detail the animals around him or scenes of everyday life as the days hunting group. In these images the way our ancestors who understood the world around them is represented. From an anthropological point of view, we know that the view comes before words. The child looks before speaking. We explain with words what we see in pictures. Images are modes of communication, constitute a language, which must learn to decipher. Images can have different functions:

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Conativa or symbolic function:

Conativa or symbolic function: Its goal is to convince. Induce to do something.

There are many type of photography style so we have to know how to select the type of image that will accompany our messages depending on what you want to convey or communicate in a given campaign.

The image in advertising plays a fundamental role as the functions are to inform, entertain and provide consumer confidence. This requires the creativity with which we treat the campaign as well as a series of requirements, standards and relevance play in the same battle to surprise the public objectives to which it is directed.

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