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These Girls Asked The Impractical Jokers To Their Sorority Formal And It Is Kind Of Amazing

This is not a drill, or an impractical joke.

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Meet Melissa Gagliardi and Marina Vieira, two Syracuse University seniors in the sorority Alpha Xi Delta who are looking for formal dates.

Marina Vieira / Via

On Monday evening, finding themselves without dates to their senior sorority formal they decided to take matters into their own hands by tweeting at their celebrity crushes--The Impractical Jokers

@BQQuinn @SalVulcano What say you, Q and Sal...come to our senior sorority formal with us!? Saturday night in Syra…

Twitter: @melissagags / Via Twitter: @melissagags

@SalVulcano @BQQuinn What say you, Q and Sal..come to our senior sorority formal with us?! Saturday night in Syracu…

In only hours, the tweets received retweets from friends and strangers alike showing their support for the dynamic duo.

@BQQuinn @SalVulcano check this out please!!😊

Twitter: @xtraradio / Via Twitter: @XTRARADIO

@SalVulcano @BQQuinn my dad is a Farrell alum! Come to the formal in Syracuse Saturday w these two @melissagags…

Twitter: @carolineemorano / Via Twitter: @carolineemorano

@melissagags @BQQuinn @SalVulcano @rinalee13 This ain't no joke! If they were joking they would have invited Joe and Murr.

Twitter: @erbreslin / Via Twitter: @erbreslin

Gagliardi explained, "We were sitting in our living room watching Impractical Jokers brainstorming people we could take to date night and arina and i said "realistically, we just want to take Q and Sal they would be way more fun than any frat boy." Marina is already convinced that Sal is her soulmate and, although Q is kind of old enough to be my father, I seriously dont think i would have a better time with anyone else," adding, "we really hope that they take us seriously, because if we were kidding we would have asked Joe and Murr."

The men of the hour, Sal and Q of Impractical Jokers

The men of the hour, Sal and Q of Impractical Jokers

What makes the invitation even sweeter? The Impractical Jokers will already be in Syracuse, NY for a show on the day of the formal.

Something is to be said for these two enterprising women taking destiny into their hands to find the perfect spring formal dates. Show some support by tweeting at @BQQuinn and @SalVulcano to attend Gagliardi and Vieira's final formal!

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