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22 Things College Has Taught Me

College will teach you plenty of things on how to live. The sooner you learn, the better your college experience will be.

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1. Living Without Parents Rocks

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No parents, woo-woo. No parents, woo-woo!

2. But, You Will Miss Home Cooked Meals. / Via

Find out when and where free food is offered and go.

3. You'll Make Lots Of Friends

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Open yourself to meeting different kinds of people, you won't regret it.

4. But You Won't Stay Friends Forever

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Friends come and go, but know it happens for a reason.

5. You'll Have Fights, But They'll Only Make You Closer / Via

...unless they don't, then it was probably for the best.

6. Liquor Before Beer, You’re In The Clear

7. Beer Before Liquor, Never Been Sicker

8. You're Never Too Old To Have Some Fun


9. Experiencing Homesickness, Mental Illness and Loss of Hope Is Totally Normal / Via

Take that nap. You need it.

10. Meet Your New Bestfriend...Coffee / Via

You'll say "I need an IV of coffee" at least once.

11. You'll Meet That Special Someone...Pizza


Who needs a significant other when you can have the warmth of pizza?

12. You'll Learn How To Bullshit Your Way Through Almost Anything

13. Missing Deadlines Isn’t The End Of The World / Via

You may stress about it now, but you'll laugh about it later.

14. Be Friendly…It’ll Get You Further

15. Don’t Forget To Set Aside Time For Yourself / Via

Sometimes all you need is a little "me" time or hours spent binging Netflix.

16. Celebrate The Small Victories As Well As The Big Ones

LogoTV / Via

17. Sometimes You Just Gotta Dance


18. GPAs Don’t Really Matter / Via

C's get degrees, am I right?

19. Weight Fluctuates, Don’t Stress About It / Via

Your body is beautiful. PERIOD.

20. Your Bank Account: It Gets Better

21. You WILL Leave With New A Point Of View / Via

Cheers to self-growth!

22. Enjoy Life! There Is No Reason To Worry

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