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15 Things All Pittsburghers Love

If you know someone from Pittsburgh, you probably know the pride they take in their city. If you are from Pittsburgh, you'll be able to relate with some of the wonders of living in Pittsburgh. Yinz guys ready?

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1. The bridges (especially when they're yellow) / Via

Boasting a total of 446 bridges, Pittsburgh holds the title of most bridges per city. However, there is nothing as beautiful as seeing the yellow bridges frame the city of Pittsburgh and the three rivers.

2. Pittsburgh sports team! / Via

Holding a record number of Super Bowl wins, the Pittsburgh Steelers have a distinct crowd of loyal and loud fans ready to defend, discuss and bond over their love for The Stillers. Pittsburgh has even more to be proud of than just football, with the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Pittsburgh Pirates it is always sports season in Pittsburgh.

3. / Via

If you ever get lost and need directions, get ready because Pittsburghers are ready to give them to you. Using lots of landmarks and at times over-explaining, Pittsburghers are known to be friendly and ready to show you their city.

4. Saving their parking spot with a chair / Via

Parking in Pittsburgh is all about finding the perfect spot. Don't be alarmed if you see a chair or two on the side of the road--that is just someone marking their automobile territory.

7. Mr. Rogers!

Pittsburgh Magazine / Via

Pittsburgh fondly remembers all the days spent in Mister Roger's Neighborhood. This lovable cardigan-wearing, shoelace-tying Pittsburgh native filmed his TV show in Pittsburgh and reminded people to be proud to be from Pittsburgh.

8. Speaking Pittsburghese

Flickr / Via

Pittsburghers have a distinct dialect and often use phrases that fly over most out-of-towner's heads. A few popular ones include "haus," ""jaggoff," "'n'at," "slippy," "gum band" and of course...yinz.

9. Kennywood is open / Via

The golden arrow. The wooden rollercoasters. The potato-patch fries. Noah's Arc. All Pittsburghers have a fond, nostalgic memory of the amusement park nestled just outside of the city. If you're a real Pittsburgher, you'll know "Kennywood's open" is said year round.

10. The endless construction

Warrengates 2011 / Via

Ok, people may not love this one, but it wouldn't be Pittsburgh if everyone didn't bond over their annoyance of constant construction and detours. It isn't uncommon to overhear "Which tunnel is closed? "What bridge is busy?" or "Damn PennDOT!"

13. The many, many, many museums

Curious Little Kid / Via

This city is bursting with history, innovation and fun that can be easily tapped, tried and understood at one of the many museums around the city. From the Andy Warhol Museum, Mattress Factory, Children's Museum or the Carnegie Museum of Art, you'll find something for any audience.

Pro-tip: Many of the museums are free, so spend a day wondering and learning.

14. All of these steep hills / Via

It is no secret that Pittsburgh has hills. There are even areas named "The Hill District," "South Hills," "North Hills" and the list goes on and on. While some of us steep strides can be difficult, they add to the charm of pride of the city.

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