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Scottish Labour's Deputy Leader Keeps Getting Called Out On Twitter By Her SNP-Supporting Dad

Jeff Dugdale pokes fun at Kezia's boss Jim Murphy, Scottish Labour's campaign strategy, and predicts a hammering at the polls for his daughter's party.

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It all started when Kezia tweeted a link to a leaked memo regarding SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon on Friday night.

Everyone knew the Tories wanted the SNP to win, but now we know the SNP want the Tories to win

The story alleged that SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon had privately indicated she would prefer David Cameron to remain as prime minister, rather than see Labour return to power.

Scottish Labour were keen to make political gains from the story, which was fiercely denied by Sturgeon and the SNP.

Online supporters of Scottish independence were were furious, including a certain 'Jeff Dugdale' who replied to say Kezia should "check facts before opening mouth".

@kdugdalemsp Check facts before opening mouth, Kezia!

Which is strange, because on closer inspection it turns out Jeff Dugdale is actually Kezia's father.

Twitter/Aidan Kerr

Kezia confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the account really does belong to her father. She's previously written about how she disagrees with her SNP-supporting dad but understands his concerns.


SNP supporters gleefully retweeted Jeff's not-exactly-helpful message to his daughter and some of his older tweets.

In one he attacked Scottish Labour for even promoting the Sturgeon leak story, saying "shame on you".

#GE15 slab shame on you for pouncing on a fairy story about Nicola. "You boys are due one hell of a beating"

He doesn't seem impressed with Scottish Labour's election campaign so far.

Jim and "it was only a working title" ! Seems to me the whole sLab approach to #GE15 is a "work in progress" !

Recently Scottish Labour proposed lifting the ban on buying alcohol in Scottish football grounds. Jeff wasn't impressed with that policy either.

Jim's obsession re facilitating Scots to drink more with his party in dire straits minded me of an old image


Jeff also attacked Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy, aka Kezia's boss.

#GE15 of course Jim has to stand. How else is he going to get daily access to Holyrood. Maybe as Lord there's an idea

And while the UK gazed at the solar eclipse last month Jeff was dreaming of a political one of his daughter's party on 7 May.

#GE15 if you missed tonight's eclipse you will see a far more spectacular one from about midnight on May 7th till around midday on the 8th!

As news of Jeff Dugdale's tweet to daughter Kezia spread throughout Scottish politics his exploits became legendary. He even trended in Scotland's biggest city.

Jeff Dugdale, @jefforbited is now trending in #Glasgow

Jeff became a hero to online SNP supporters.


Scottish Sci-Fi author Julie Bertagna declared that Jeff won #FrenchGate.

And finally.... Kezia's Dad wins #FrenchGate. "@Jefforbited: @kdugdalemsp Check facts before opening mouth, Kezia!”

But while Jeff is no fan of Scottish Labour he is proud of his daughter's achievements in politics:

Very proud of daughter Kezia on STV last night. The whole debate was a credit to all in it, but she was superb and one for the future.

Just remember that matter how high you climb in your career, your Dad will be there to bring you back down.

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