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    • MsAllie

      I can’t believe some people are actually upset with this post. It is simply a list of white people completely failing to use everyday products. In no way is the author, who is white, degrading or dehumanizing the white race. He is not perpetuating negative stereotypes, based on the color of their skin, that make them more likely to be arrested, more likely to be searched by TSA, less likely to be hired for a job, etc. None of those stereotypes exist for white people because of white privilege. (I am not saying that people cannot be racist against whites. There are a lot of ignorant people in every race, religion, etc.). But there are some real racists who commented on this article:
      “Are you gonna trust a black person? When they form the majority of prisons population?” ”
      “Now a white person should make one for why black people cant be trusted. It should include pictures of them murdering while people for there money , raping white girls , sitting at home smoking pot , collecting welfare , breaking into houses to steal stuff , claiming their innocent when there caught red handed , burning their lips on chicken and crack and cooling them off on watermelon.” “We are great. We send aid to Africa each year after providing them with first world amenities during coloniasm. We are submissive to tasteless BS like this article while the “poor” blacks breed and live off handouts, blaming their shortcomings on the whites.” Are you kidding me? It’s so sad that people that think like this still exist.  Also, if the article was “20 Reasons Why Black People Should Not Be Trusted” and also had ridiculous infomercial gifs with black people, it still would not be racist. It would be more of a satirical post making fun of the racist people who actually believe that black people can’t be trusted.  I love how the white people who are “tired of black people using the race card,” are the same people that will claim racism at the drop of a hat whenever anything is said about whites.

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