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22 Snapchats That Prove Emma SLAYS The Game

Straight killin' it before filters were a thing. All hail the snapchat master. Couldn't have these gems collecting dust in my phone forever... You knew these would come back to haunt you some day ;)

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1. Before I #bless you all with wonderful snapchats, I have to acknowledge the fact that no one knew this little pink bear-loving tater tot would become the snapmaster she is today. Let me give you a minute to squeal at this adorable picture.

2. Showing some love to the first pres

3. Aaand her fave pres

4. When college becomes too overwhelming

5. Step aside, Nelly... Emma's grillz >>>>>

6. To answer your question, yes

7. Reppin the alma mater

8. S/o to GW Facilities

9. Lookin' better than pinhead tbh

10. She'll never be as great as Chef Lo but a gal can dream

11. Gr8 smile nmw filter

12. Look at those pearly whites

13. I mean really, look at how straight they are


15. Emma would look fab as an emo boy

16. But I hope she never gets reincarnated into a bird

17. Could def be the star of the next Exorcist movie

18. ...or Bambi 3

19. ...or Leprechaun 8: Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

20. ...or a complete revamp of the Twilight series

21. ...orrrrr a remake of the 2012 documentary

22. Yes, she is most definitely making history with these priceless snaps

23. Aaaaand an extra snapchat to show the (wo)man, the myth, the legend in action


May you continue to provide my life with constant laughter with your legendary snaps :)

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