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    8 Life Lessons From Parks And Rec

    Valuable life tips from a show that also taught us the importance of Galentine's Day and to treat yo' self.

    1. Be the Leslie Knope of whatever you do. That means giving 110%, not taking things personally, and being there for your friends.

    2. Breakfast food is best.

    3. Finding the perfect job is hard, but you can figure it out! Also, make a list of the things you like.....or things you hate. (And in the meantime, work hard doing something.)

    4. If you and your friend have a falling out, be a good listener and figure out what happened (even if it was 3 years ago). And then hug it out.

    5. Even the seemingly cold-hearted people have a soft side.

    6. About healthy's overrated.

    7. ...and exercise sucks but some people still do it. Those may be the same people who think raisins count as a dessert.

    8. Don't spread yourself too thin. Commit to a few things and do them well.