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    • ahmj

      with which navigation system does the hamas launch their oh so deadly rockets?( bit provoking, yes)
      their rockets are hitting targets only by chance…
      ok, i feel sorry for the poor people who died cause of hamas rockets, but i feel a lot more sorry for people who actually die cause of several kinds of bombs/rockets with no real chance to flee from gaza.
      is it necessary to bomb houses or neighbourhoods in case to kill maybe 1 or 2 hamas-guys?
      what about that.
      if israel wants to get the message authentically out to them relating to “hey gaza guys, we could and want to live in peace with you” its definitely a farce and a tiny bit the fucking wrong action killing civilians who they actually want to convince that freedom is really possible if theyll stop supporting the hamas.
      (if they even do)
      israel is virtually forcing them to hate them, what do they expect???
      its not just a bit fighting back…
      if they wanted, they could find and arrest the real hamas in a few hours time.
      they got the same capabilities like the usa for instance AND one of the worlds best close-quarters combat troops. QUI BONO

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