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Why Meghan Trainor Is The Best Thing That Happened To The Female Race

Megatrons get ready to attack!

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Well It's No Secret That Not Many People Like Meghan Trainor

I do not think its a coincidence that trash and trainor both start with "tra" #MeghanTrainorSucks

I'm gonna write a song My Future Wife. It'll be about a house wife that cooks, cleans and is perfectly fit. #IHateMeghanTrainor

I hate it when terrible music comes on in public; I want to break radios. #meghantrainorsucks

The list is endless but we'll stop here cause we have an article to finish

All About That Bitchiness

The all about that bass singer clearly is the best at skinny shaming and then denying it. I mean, just listen to her song lyrics “I'm bringing booty back. Go 'head and tell them skinny bitches that.” Way to skinny shame Meghan!


But don’t worry, it gets better! In the same song she talks about how she can “shake it, shake it, like [she’s] supposed to do”. Well, thank God Meghan can shake her butt otherwise what kind of a useless woman would she be! And in addition to being thankful for her marvelous booty shaking skills let’s also be grateful for the glorious message she sends every girl struggling with body issues which is “boys like a little more booty to hold at night”. Well, praise the lord Meghan has reiterated misogynistic societal norms and is preaching this garbage in the ears of little girls who struggle to love themselves for who they are, because clearly what they need right now is a celebrity and famous “body positive” icon to be telling them it's fine if you’re overweight as long as you have a man’s approval!

Are Meghan’s Lip’s Moving And Preaching Unfeminist Things Again?

For those of you who have been blessed by not having the misfortune of hearing her other songs, her second hit Lips Are Movin’, talks about how all men are liars! Exactly the kind of thing meninists and non conforming feminists think feminism is about! Thanks again Meghan for making it so much harder for actual everyday feminists who strive to bring about equality between the sexes by repeatedly saying “If your [the man she is speaking to in the song] lips are movin’ then you’re lying, lying, lying”

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Dear Meghan's Future Husband

If you thought All About That Bass and Lips Were Moving were bad, grab something to hold on to because the self-proclaimed feminist actually released a song called Dear Future Husband! But it’s not about her standing up for herself and saying she wants equality, it is literally about how she will wait for her husband to return home, cook for him, clean for him and do everything and anything he wants. I mean, that's fine if it's willingly her choice to do so, but Meghan literally has a career and is singing about how she’ll give it up for any man who walks into her life and wishes to marry her. I mean, if you don’t trust me watch the video for yourself. “I’ll be buying groceries, buy-buying what you need”, “I’ll be home and baking apple pies”, “After every fight, just apologize, and maybe then I’ll try and let you rock my body right” and “Open doors for me and you might get some kisses”. Like KMS!!

Any Title For Meghan After Reading All This?

Meghan’s sophomore album “Title” which is named after her song “Title” really steals the show! This one is full of great quotes that can be found in any 1950’s housewife magazine! For example: “You gotta show me off” and “You gotta treat me like a trophy, put me on the shelf” because women are just objects to be won, waiting to be placed on the mantel shelf amirite?


Watch Me NOT Thank Meghan

Three of her other hit songs “Watch Me Do”, “Me Too”and “Thank You” have wonderful messages as well! Watch Me Do is a classic example of showing the world that women are worth no more than their bodies with the magnificent lyric “I ain’t saying I the besteses, but I got nice curves, nice breasteses” Not only does she demonstrate her superior command of the English language, but she shows us that she is worth nothing more than her curves and breasts ~ A great message to all women worldwide. Meghan then goes on to tell the world that since she’s gotten a couple of hits on youtube and can somehow afford golden jewelry to “show [her] some respect” [“What’s that icy thing hangin’ round ma neck? Das gold, show me some respect”.] Okay calm down Meghan you have one famous song and now you want the world to bow down to you? #cringe

Not only does she flaunt around her so called celebrity status and demand respect from her pathetic megatrons, she also has had several accusations made at her for her body altering in her Me Too music video. Funny really, because in her debut song from where all the shit hit the fan “All About That Bass” Meghan says “I see them magazines, workin’ that photoshop, we know that shit ain’t real, come on now make it stop”, but what she doesn’t realize is the whole world can see her working that photoshop and we all know that shit ain’t real so come on Meghan, make it stop! I guess she really isn’t all about her bass. #Hypocrisy much? And Let’s not forget Meghan Trainor's song Thank You which is what her entire third album is named after where she says “ Without you I’d be nothing so I wanna thank you”. I’m so glad 'feminists' like Meghan exist to show all the girls in the world that they should fall at the feet of their male counterparts and thank them for continuously validating their existences. Way to go Meghan!

Honestly People Please Come Back To Your Senses And Stop Liking This Monstrosity

Megatrons, just kiss her and her bass goodbye

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