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You Need These Hilariously Snarky Muslim Valentine's Day Cards

"I have a JI-HARD-ON for you."

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The cheeky cards are produced by Los Angeles based writer and artist Tanzila "Taz" Ahmed. Most of the cards take an Islamophobic stereotype and flip it into a hilarious and uncomfortable pun.

Taz told BuzzFeed that she was tired of all the incorrect and simplistic perceptions of Muslim women and came up with the cards as an ironic response.

Tanzila Ahmed

She also said, "Giving out Valentine's day cards was a part of Americana growing up that I wanted to be a part of. I wanted to make cards for those of us who didn’t get that many growing because maybe it wasn’t their culture or they were different."


Afterwards, she designs each year's series with a different color scheme, paints them on canvas, and scans them.

Tanzila Ahmed

Taz says that though she has had many satisfied customers, she's hoping that one day her cards someday begin a romance.