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21 Tumblr Posts That’ll Make Retail Workers Laugh And Then Cry

Y e p.

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1. When you really don't want to be at work:

2. When your day should be over, but it isn't:

4. When you get one break all day and gosh darnit you're taking it:

5. When for a sec you think, hey it's not all bad:

6. Until it is:

7. When sometimes you just need to have a little fun with the customer:


11. When — get this — the customer ISN'T always right:

13. When customers think you share a hive-mind with all your co-workers:

14. When you are nice af...

15. ...and people still treat you like garbage:


17. When a customer violates the sacred checkout order:

18. Or when they expect the impossible:

19. When your day just drags on:

20. When you're so close to the end and yet, still so far:

21. And when finally, the best part of your day arrives:

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