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The Official Sonic The Hedgehog Twitter Lost Its Mind In 2015 And It Was Amazing

How is this real?

So in mid-June, Sega's mascot and highly meme-able video game hero Sonic the Hedgehog got a new social media team.

I'm Kellie. For 7 years, I’ve done the social media for Sonic. Today is my last day at SEGA. http://t.co/okjwa88S9Y

The character's social media team has always responded to fans, but things soon became a little...strange.

A haiku of speed For you, oh great internets, I must go quickly

@SlenderSphere When writing of speed some lines become overused it's snowing on mt. fuji

It seems like a happily deranged Sonic fan took it over.

We’ve got the #BlackFriday deal of the century. (Real sales on Steam and Sonic Dash, btw.)

We're not complaining, though. @sonic_hedgehog is basically the king of internet memes.

It's #MondayMotivation time with Knuckles. Get the body you want today with just 50 rings and the Master Emerald.

The account is so off-kilter that people regularly question whether it's real, even though it's clearly verified.

@InaneCuttlefish Look at that blue verified icon. Now back to me. Now back to the blue verified icon. Now back to me.

Sega seems totally OK with the account completely making things up.

This is Naoto Ohshima, Sonic's original designer. He has a special message he'd like to share. @NaotoOhshima

This #TwinsDay, we're pumped to announce KNUCKLES & KNUCKLES, coming Summer 2029. #KnockKnock

They're always encouraging their fans to make ridiculous Sonic memes.

Today, the world needs more Knuckles. Create your own “& Knuckles” image & tweet to us! We’ll RT the best. BEGIN!

@richiejun21 True fast is not measured in miles, Rich. True fast is measured in the heart.

They regularly troll the Twitter accounts of other companies.

.@NintendoAmerica We're so proud of you right now. If only Mario paid as much attention to his Princess' location as he did his Mustache.

They do the same with popular streamers as well.

@markiplier Just saw your latest video. May you forever go fast.

And their #FanArtFriday? It's something else.

When they produce art of their own, it's somehow even more priceless.

Their holiday game is strong AF.

Today for #NationalDessertDay, we're celebrating with highly-accurate gumball eyes.

For the holidays, I must bake at an accelerated pace.

Sometimes the jokes are so centered around the Sonic fanbase they don't make sense to anyone else.

For instance, they know to never google "Sonic Kissing."

We'd post something for #nationalkissingday, but some things can't be unseen. Instead, here's a cheering hedgehog!

@sonic_hedgehog, we salute you. GOTTA GO FAST.