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Who Would You Be In The World Of "X-Men?"

Raised in the forest by mutant-hating parents with blue skin and uncontrollable fire powers? Yikes.

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You were born with the mutant X-gene. This means you are a member of an elite group of superhumans known as Homo Superior.

On your 13th birthday, your powers fully manifested. Roll for one power if you were born on an even day, and two for an odd day.

And of course, your mutation also came with some physical cues.

Thankfully, the following mutant found you and trained you to be a certified badass who brings hope and justice to a world filled with hatred.

Despite that, your life will always be defined by your tragic origin which has haunted you since your teen years.

Since you're a member of the X-Men, you need a mutant codename like Cyclops or Wolverine. Post your results and a mutant codename of your own creation in the comment section below.