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Tell Us Your Secret Chai Recipe

Heaven is tea with cardamom, sugar, and milk.

Listen, chai is the most important thing in the world. We drink it all the time on BuzzFeed's show See Something Say Something.

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And your mom or dad's recipe? Iconic.

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So we want your recipes and hacks so we can test them out for a future video or post!


But let's get something straight, we're not talking about chai tea lattes. That's just wrong.

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Chai Tea Lattes are the things you find at Starbucks. "Chai," "Cha," or "Shai" are the literal translations for tea in a bunch of different cultures.

We wanna hear exactly how you make it — whether it's by boiling it on a stove with a bunch of spices...


...throwing a spoon of gloopy, sweet condensed milk into your mug...

...or by brewing it up Morroccan-style with some mint leaves and sugar cubes.

Flickr: lizziemoch / Creative Commons

Whatever your recipe or hack is, write it up in detail in the comments section below or email us at! The best recipes will have a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or See Something Say Something episode!