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16 Mesmerizing Reasons The World Is Ready For A Ja Rule Comeback

He's always there when you call.

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1. When you think of pop-rap in the 2000s, one name comes to mind: Ja Rule.

Nelly is a close second.
Frank Micelotta / ImageDirect / Via Getty Images

Nelly is a close second.

2. And the ingredients are all present for him to come back in full force in 2015.

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3. MTV is producing a reality TV show about his family called Follow the Rules.

Actual quote from Ja on the show: “Family tradition will never be the same b*tch… Lmao!!!”

4. He released a memoir this year called Unruly, about growing up in Queens, hip-hop, fatherhood, and his time in prison.

HarperCollins Publishers / Via

5. He understands the importance of social media and taking care of yourself.

6. OK, so his rapping doesn't get the most acclaim, but his marble-raw voice? Evergreen.

Daniel Berehulak / Via Getty Images

7. Take a moment and remind yourself. It's like sweetened gravel.

8. His hooks are probably still stuck in your mind 10 years later.

The Island Def Jam Music Group

9. Fine, that beef with 50 Cent hurt his career, but Ja doesn't need to pretend anymore!

Dave Kotinsky / Getty Imag
Larry Busacca / Getty Image

10. He can embrace his sensitive side.

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11. Dude is cute as fuck. Just look at him.

12. His fusion of singing and rapping has been carried on by artists like Drake and Childish Gambino.

Young Money Entertainment/Cash Money Records / Via

The comparison is so clear that Drake addressed it directly in VIBE.

13. Think about how popular romantic male-female hip-hop duets have been this decade...

The Island Def Jam Music Group /

14. ...Ja Rule is the KING of hip-hop love songs. HE RULES OVER THEM. JA RULES, THAT IS.

Sony BMG Music Entertainment / Via

15. He was the voice of a generation! There's even a website which finds the perfect Ja song for your emotional needs.

Please Help Me Ja Rule / Via

16. He has an album in the works, but we should keep our fingers crossed for an iconic Ja Rule collaboration with Ashanti, J.Lo, or heck, even Rihanna.

David Hardenberg / Via Getty Images

Get on it, Ja Rule. The world misses your voice.

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