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16 Vines That Reveal The True Spirit Of New Year's

Wait for the ball to drop.

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1. You'll go out on the town with all of your best friends.

2. Everyone's face will be glued to the screen during the countdown.

3. Thank god you're an adult now and can stay up past midnight.

4. You might not have a date, but you'll definitely meet someone.

5. In fact, you'll kiss the hottest person in the room.

6. Or maybe the ~coolest~ person.

7. The night is yours. You'll celebrate the way YOU want!

8. The music will be bumpin'.

9. Your dance moves will be on point.

10. You'll shmooze and tell funny jokes.

11. This year, you'll accomplish your resolutions.

12. In fact, you'll be a whole new person starting Jan. 1.

13. It's hard work, but you'll do it...

14. ...because your priorities will be straight in 2015.

15. And you'll obviously be a better person.

16. Happy New Year, everybody!

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