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27 Vines That Hilariously Sum Up Your Desi Childhood

Ammi, please.

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1. The struggle began the moment attendance was taken:

2. When every auntie seemed to know this technique:

3. When you were craving some biryani, but nope:

4. When you got to go on this ~wild~ ride:

5. When you tried to make your own decisions about your future:

6. When you tried to take off your churiyan:

7. When your parents seemed to forget when they were born:

8. When you sat quietly while two uncles had to split a bill:

9. When you still fell for this:

10. When waited for the right toilet to come along:

11. When you learned this trick:

12. When your dad wanted to enter a conversation he didn't quite get:

13. Or when he just stared:

14. When your parents thought you didn't respect them because you conjugated a verb wrong:

15. When your mom thought everybody was in love with you:

16. When it was Halloween. HALLLOOOOOWEEEEEEEEN:


18. When hellos got especially real on the phone:

19. When desi uncles took a heavy swig of chai:

20. When you tried to ask questions about religion:

21. When people won't accept it really is your name:

22. When your mom refused to eat out, no matter the cost:

23. When you and your parents had a difference of interpretation:

24. When your parents were intensely focused on sending an email:

25. When you had to greet your extended family:

26. When you tried to interrupt your mom when she was on the phone:

27. And when it didn't MATTER what time it was:

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