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    16 Nostalgic Video Game Mashups That'll Have You Grooving

    You got the Ocarina of Rhyme!

    1. Get your adventure on with Ocarina of Rhyme.

    Whether it's The Clipse getting lost in the Lost Woods or Busta Rhymes riding through Gerudo Valley, Team Teamwork's mashup of the N64 classic Ocarina of Time with 2000s rap is perfection. Full album here.

    2. Vibe with this slick mashup of Animal Crossing and classic Ice Cube.

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    "It Was A Good Day" has never sounded smoother.

    3. Chill out with Chrono Jigga.

    Over 11 tracks, 2 Mello meshes Jay Z rapping over the wavering, 16-bit orchestra of Chrono Trigger. Full album here.

    4. Get on the dance floor with "My Neck, My Wii."

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    This mashup of Khia's most famous song with Mii music doesn't make the original any less raunchy, but boy, does it try.

    5. Get hype with "CORNERIA FOR REAL."

    Flo Rida is basically Fox McCloud.

    6. Brush your shoulder off with The 8-bit Black Album.

    Jay Z and Mega Man should collab more. Listen to cw2k3's full album here.

    7. Go hard with "Parappa Goes Hard AF."

    Parappa is basically Eazy-E, right?

    8. Roll out to this classic mix of Kirby and Snoop.

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    Drop it like it's hot.

    9. "Throw Some D's" on this Gold N' Fly remix.

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    It works so well.

    10. Get low with "Skeet Skeet Canyon."

    You probably never thought you'd hear Mario Kart and Lil Jon together on a track, did you?

    11. Bob your head to Mega Ran 9.

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    Listen to rapper Mega Ran flow over 8-bit beats from Mega Man 9. Full album here.

    12. Learn how to Dougie with this Wild Arms mashup.

    Those drums though.

    13. Dream big with Vinyl Fantasy 7.

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    Just imagine Big Boi, Andre 3000, Rakewon, Gucci Mayne, Kool Keith, and other rappers riding in a Cadillac through Midgar and you've got Vinyl Fantasy 7. Full album here.

    14. Come on and slam with this mashup of Super Mario 64 and Space Jam.

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    15. Or if you're more of a Sega person, there's a Sonic and Space Jam mashup too.

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    Come on and slam.

    16. And just for flavor, check out this mix of Ace Attorney and Baby's Got Back.

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    No OBJECTION! here.