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    19 Times Tumblr Got Real With France

    France, on vous aime, but why is your language si compliquée?

    1. On getting petty with potatoes:

    2. On "pain":

    3. This pun:

    4. This accurate translation:

    5. On escalation:

    6. On French numbers:

    7. Seriously:

    8. On history:

    9. On weird warnings:

    10. On perfect French puns:

    11. On nonsense:

    12. On revolutions:

    13. On French class:

    14. On French Harry Potter:

    15. On French omelettes:

    16. On the subtleties of the French language:

    17. On French cats:

    18. On terrible French puns:

    19. On school years:

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