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    Updated on Jul 29, 2019. Posted on Apr 8, 2016

    19 Times Tumblr Got Real With France

    France, on vous aime, but why is your language si compliquée?

    1. On getting petty with potatoes:

    2. On "pain":

    3. This pun:

    4. This accurate translation:

    5. On escalation:

    6. On French numbers:

    7. Seriously:

    8. On history:

    9. On weird warnings:

    10. On perfect French puns:

    11. On nonsense:

    12. On revolutions:

    13. On French class:

    14. On French Harry Potter:

    15. On French omelettes:

    16. On the subtleties of the French language:

    17. On French cats:

    18. On terrible French puns:

    19. On school years:

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