If This "Great Detective Pikachu" Game Doesn't Come To America I Will Scream

    Pikachu may or may not be Sherlock Holmes. Just roll with it, OK?

    The world was not ready for the Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo trailer that dropped today.

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    There have been very few details released about the game since its announcement in 2013, so the release of a trailer Tuesday morning featuring a grizzled, talking Pikachu was a bit of a shock.

    Is that Pikachu as Sherlock Holmes? Or Sherlock Holmes as Pikachu? Like, literally what is this?

    Why is Pikachu talking in full Japanese sentences?!

    But there's a normal Pikachu that just says its own name like usual? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

    Oh god, are people actually DYING in this Pokémon game? Or did this person just "black out"?

    Pikachu takes coffee, not tea???

    The game comes out Feb. 3 on the Japanese eShop. No announcements have been made regarding an American release, but one can hope.

    H/T Polygon