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17 Extremely Michigan Things You Can Only Do In Michigan

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Other things to do: Grab some locally made Mackinac Island Fudge, stay at the Grand Hotel, or ride a horse and buggy through downtown.

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Places to scope out: Hamtramck Disneyland and The Heidelberg Project (top row) are decades-old open-air art projects created by retired former GM employee Dmytro Szylak and artist Tyree Guyton, respectively. The Grand River Creative Corridor (bottom) has a fantastic collection of murals. For a more traditional museum feel, check out the Detroit Institute of Art or Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.


8. Throw on your favorite pair of leiderhosen and pick up some cheese, fudge, and Zehnder's chicken from Frankenmuth, the kitschy Bavarian wonderland.

12. Grab yourself a Boston Cooler, made from local Michigan Vernors ginger ale and blended vanilla ice cream.

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Don't be fooled by the name. It's Michigan-made and can be found at Sanders in Livonia, Halo Burger from Flint, and Coney Islands around the state.

13. Explore Ernest Hemingway's rustic Michigan near Petoskey.

Hemingway spent many of his formative years hunting and camping away his summers in Northern Michigan. There's even a guide to the many places he frequented during his youth.

15. Traipse through Belle Isle, situated between Canada and Detroit. It's bigger than Central Park and designed by the same person.

Things to do: Explore the lush, gorgeous Belle Isle Conservatory, visit the century-old Belle Isle Aquarium, or just enjoy the views of downtown Detroit and wave high to the Canadians.


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