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29 Of The Most Satisfying Iftar Foods From Around The World

This post is definitely Not Safe For Ramadan. Unless the sun is down.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community about the most satisfying foods to break fast with during Ramadan. Here are the best of the hunger-inducing responses from fasting commenters.

1. Chakcouka from Algeria and elsewhere

A Pinch of Nadia / Via

"I love to eat some chakchouka with hot bread we just bought to the bakery."

Check out the recipe for this tasty dish of thick tomato sauce and eggs here.

Submitted by Assma Maad


5. Meat Sambusas from Somalia, Ethiopia, and Yemen

Flickr: Lalibela Ethiopia / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: lalibela_ethiopian_restaurant

"Iftar is not complete without some meat sambusas."

Though they can also be stuffed with vegetables or lentils, try a meat version here.

Submitted by Hafsa Ahmed (Facebook)

6. Adas from Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, and elsewhere

Marie-Claude Leroux / Via

"Always begin your Iftar with water! Your body is dehydrated and needs to be replenished! After filling up with water, I like to fill up on soup. By starting off light your body won't be in shock from being filled up so quickly and you won't have that lazy, tired feeling."

Get the recipe for this lemony lentil soup here.

Submitted by yasmeenrashed

7. Fresh, cold fruit juice from pretty much everywhere

"After breaking my fast with the usual dates and water, the best is reaaaalllyyy cold fresh fruit juice made from mangoes, oranges, strawberries, apples and kiwi (yummers)."

Get a recipe for a five-ingredient smoothie here.

Submitted by Hafsa Ahmed


8. Navy Bean Pie from the United States

Saveur / Via

"Growing up in Michigan, my favorite iftar was when former Nation of Islam members would cater and serve the community this sweet, textured navy bean pie."

Get the recipe here.

Submitted by Ahmed Ali Akbar

9. Jollof Rice and Chicken from Nigeria and elsewhere

Credit: jypsygen / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jypsygen

"There's nothing like jerk chicken, rice and peas with PLANTAINS for Iftar. ALSO, jollof rice, yes please."

Get the recipe for this dish of rice stewed in tomatoes, broth, and spices here.

Submitted by Ikhlas Saleem

10. Arroz Caldo from the Phillipines

Flickr: Veronica / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: worldtotable

"The contents of my typical iftar meal are a glass of unlimited drinking water, Arroz Caldo, hard boiled eggs , fried dried anchovies, and toast. Best enjoyed with family :)"

Get the recipe for this garlicky chicken porridge here.

Submitted by fil3


12. Vegetable Pakoras from South Asia

Hari Ghotra / Via

"Drankin' rooh afzah and pakoras! And samosas (especially cheeesssee) and sandwiches of any kind."

Get the recipe for these chickpea flour fritters here.

Submitted by Laman Zubair (Facebook)

13. Harees from the United Arab Emirates

Tarana Khan / Via

"One of my favorite Iftar dishes in the UAE is an Emirate dish called Harees. This is a dish that consists of wheat, barley and some meat (either chicken, beef or lamb/mutton) that is cooked together until it melts together in a pot on a special oven. It's the perfect dish that only comes once a year during the Holy Month Of Ramadan."

Get the recipe for this slow-cooked porridge here.

Submitted by Retrotrut Ahmed (Facebook)

15. Koofteh from Iran and elsewhere

Flickr: Alpha / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: avlxyz

"No other month brings you closer to your culture than Ramadan and being able to make your favorite home made foods with your mother. It really is a treat."

Try the Persian version of these stewed meatballs here here. Greek/Turkish version pictured.

Submitted by maggiem428f32a00


16. Rooh Afza from Pakistan

Flickr: orangefan_2011 / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: orangefan_2011

"Yaar, Rooh Afzah, pakoras, and spring rolls. That's an iftar. You can always switch it up with Pakola, but Rooh Afzah is the shizznit."

Submitted by Huma N. Awan

17. Beef Rendang from Southeast Asia

Rasa Malaysia / Via

"You should experience one Ramadan in Indonesia. Every Ramadan, street vendors roam the city streets two hours before Iftar and you need to stay focused because SO. MANY. FOODS. For the main course usually we do home cookings, like beef rendang. Now I'm starving."

Get the recipe here.

Submitted by accionasipadang


20. Bourek from Turkey, Algeria, and elsewhere.

Flickr: Alpha / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: avlxyz

"After the iftar (I traditionally drink some milk with dates and some croissants) I eat traditional bourek before the big meal. The most satisfying bourek is the one with meat, chopped potatoes and cheese. The bourek with eggs, tuna, onions is pretty yummy too."

Get the recipe for this stuffed phyllo-dough pastry here.

Submitted by Assma Maad

21. Shami Kababs from Pakistan

Photo: Fawad Ahmed / Recipe: Bisma Tirmizi / Via

"This year, I'm just saying NO to the fried stuffs. Lentils, rice and kababs!"

Get the recipe for these lentil and ground meat patties here.

Submitted by maryams4f1319cbd

23. And of course there's staples that are eaten worldwide, like Watermelon

Flickr: Evgeni Zotof / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: zz77

"When it's time to break fast and everyone is filling their plates with different foods, I fill my bowl with only watermelon. It sucks because I get full really fast but it tastes so good!"

Submitted by tiger4164


24. Chicken Wraps

"Can't go wrong with chicken wraps. Or stir-fried chicken. Or a chicken pot pie. Or some homemade fried chicken. Or chicken wings. I'm sensing a theme here. Chicken chicken chicken. Gotta love chicken."

Get a recipe here!

Submitted by Abubakar Ahmad (Facebook)


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