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    Here Are 18 Redundant-Ass Phrases That Are Redundant

    Here they are!

    1. Please RSVP

    Photodisc / Getty Images

    Why "please RSVP" is redundant: RSVP comes from the French "répondez s’il vous plaît," which means "respond if you please." So this phrase literally means "please respond please," you desperate motherfucker you.

    2. ATM Machine

    Sanjagrujic / Getty Images

    Why "ATM machine" is redundant: Because the "M" in ATM stands for "machine," you're really just saying "automated teller machine machine."

    3. Rice Pilaf

    Romarioien / Getty Images

    Why "rice pilaf" is redundant: "Rice pilaf" is redundant because the word "pilaf" originally means "ball of rice." So you're really saying "rice ball of rice," you adorable dumb cute idiot.

    4. Chai Tea

    Joanna Wnuk / Getty Images

    Why "chai tea" is redundant: Because in many languages around the world, "chai" means tea, so you're just saying TEA TEA.

    5. Shrimp Scampi

    Bonchan / Getty Images

    Why "shrimp scampi" is redundant: "Shrimp scampi" is redundant because in Italian, "scampi" means shrimp, so shrimp scampi is really just "shrimp shrimp," you shrimp.

    6. Ahi Tuna Fish

    Alexcrab / Getty Images

    Why "ahi tuna fish" is redundant: Even if you don't use the "fish" part of "ahi tuna fish," "ahi tuna" is redundant because in Hawaiian, "ahi" means tuna! So you're saying "tuna tuna," you big tuna.

    7. LCD Display

    Darkves / Getty Images

    Why "LCD display" is redundant: LCD stands for liquid crystal display. So LCD display means "liquid crystal display display." Trippy.

    8. False Pretenses

    Nikkytok / Getty Images

    Why "false pretenses" is redundant: "False pretenses" is redundant because a pretense is already pretty much basically false! So it's like saying "Falsey McFalse pretenses." CMON GUYS.

    9. Queso Cheese

    Karin Lau / Getty Images

    Why "queso cheese" is redundant: "Queso" in Spanish means cheese, so if you ask for queso cheese with your burrito, you're asking for "cheese cheese," jeez Louise!

    10. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

    Rob Tringali / Getty Images

    Why "The Los Angeles Angels" is redundant: Because Los Angeles means "the angels" in Spanish, so it means "the angels angels of Anaheim." Yuck!

    11. Sahara Desert

    Pierre Verdy / Getty Images

    Why "Sahara Desert" is redundant: In Arabic, "sahara" means deserts. So it means "DESERTS DESERT!" Might as well call it ice cream sandwich sandwich desert desserts, English!

    12. Naan Bread

    Bhofack2 / Getty Images

    Why "naan bread" is redundant: Because naan is a term for bread (or at least a specific type of it), so it's like saying "bread bread!" Like, how silly would it be to ask someone to break "bread bread" with them? Very silly!

    13. La Brea Tar Pits

    Johnjohnson13 / Getty Images

    Why "La Brea Tar Pits" is redundant: Because La Brea means "the tar," so "La Brea Tar Pits" means THE TAR TAR PITS. HAHAHAH. TAR TAR LIKE WHAT YOU PUT ON SALMON FISH FISHSTICKS.

    14. Panini Sandwich

    Ermancivici / Getty Images

    Why "panini sandwich" is redundant: Do people actually say this? Well, if they did, it would be redundant! Because "panini" means sandwiches or bread roll in Italian! So it's either "bread roll sandwich," which just sounds awkward, or it's "sandwiches sandwich," which is an insult to the grammar lords.

    15. PIN Number

    Tonylomas / Getty Images

    Why "PIN number" is redundant: Because it would read out as "personal identification number number." What the hell is a number number? Nothing! That's what!

    16. Support Bra

    Ralf Nau / Getty Images

    Why "support bra" is redundant: I mean, a bra is by definition an undergarment that supports your breasts, so it's like saying "support support-titty."

    17. Carne Asada Steak

    Shakzu / Getty Images

    Why "carne asada steak" is redundant: "Carne asada steak" is redundant because in Spanish, "carne asada" pretty much means grilled steak/meat, so it would mean "grilled meat steak" or "steak grilled steak."

    18. RAS Syndrome

    A J James / Getty Images

    Why "RAS syndrome" is redundant: "RAS syndrome" is redundant because it stands for redundant acronym syndrome, so it would read out loud as "redundant acronym syndrome syndrome" which is a super redundant acronym, don't you think?

    And that's the 18 redundant words, everybody! Thanks for reading! Did you feel this post was really redundant and everything was wrong? Let us know in the comments!

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