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12 Amazing Roles For Aspiring South Asian Male Actors That Aren't "Terrorist"

The field is wide-open. Kind of.

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So! You want to be the next brown darling of Hollywood. Thankfully, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, or other desi male actors no longer HAVE to accept a casting as a terrorist to start their career.

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Did you know Aasif Mandvi played a terrorist in The Siege? Look at him now!

The industry is slowly producing roles for diverse actors. Just manage your expectations, as you'll have to accept secondary roles that are pretty stock at first.


3. Or challenge stereotypes by playing "IT Software Support Guy Who Is Subject To Racist Jokes" (and does NOT have a stereotypical accent).

Omi Vaidya played Sadiq on The Office.

4. There's a ton of roles as dudes with a conspicuously non-South Asian name, like "Ryan."

Pakistani-American actor Iqbal Theba was cast as Principal Figgins in Glee.

5. If none of these roles fit your range, try picking up a role as "Sexually Hapless Frat Student."

Kal Penn played Taj in Van Wilder and its sequels.


11. For only the most committed actors: "Dr. Terrorist, Double Ph.D in Engineering and Sexual Haplessness."

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It's a big budget film that needs a versatile actor who does not conform to stereotypes.

12. Those stereotypical roles are worth it, because one day you’ll be cast as in a pilot as “Chad,” an Indian immigrant who retires from the Navy to live on a ranch with his family in a role that acknowledges differences, but isn't defined by stereotypes...

...but when ratings plummet as audiences struggle to relate to Chad, episode 6 will reveal that Chad is actually "Khalid," a sleeper-cell terrorist, waiting for the call to activate. Imagine! You could be starring next fall on CW's Chad's America.