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    Oct 12, 2016

    17 Things You Should Never Do At Taco Bell

    "How many tacos comes in a 12 pack?"

    1. Ask how big the 12 pack is.

    2. Assume every Taco Bell is a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

    3. Mess with sleepy, sleepy staff.

    4. Seriously. It's a lot.

    5. Ask for "hardshell tacos" and then do this.

    6. C'mon.

    7. Ask for fries.

    8. Or fish tacos.

    9. Or nuggets. SERIOUSLY???

    10. Do this.

    11. Waste precious sauce packets.

    12. C'mon, you definitely already have enough.

    13. You can never have enough, I guess.

    14. Ask for a "keesa...keesa... rite-oh?"

    15. Yell through the intercom.

    16. Do this.

    17. And finally, try to order a beer at the drive-through.

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