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22 Struggles Every Unathletic Kid Faced

Scoring on your own team is an art.

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1. You were eager to learn, but it was frustrating for teacher and student alike.

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2. The coach suggested you work on your form, but somehow that was even more mortifying than being on the field.

3. When you did drills, you were last in line and first to fail.

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4. While the rest of the team was stretching, you were still sweatin' out a brisk half-hour mile.

5. You acted like the warm-up really was 'light,' but your wheezing gave you away.

6. You had NO idea how to react when someone threw a ball at you.

7. You developed a deep, deep anxiety about your face's attraction to fast-moving objects.


8. Your coach tried to simplify things, but it was still too complicated for you.

9. Since you couldn't run or score, your teammates always made you goalie.

10. Or they made up a 'team manager' position, which basically meant you just got people snacks and water.

11. You lived in mortal terror of missing a save or block and screwing over your whole team.

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12. You tried to act like you were genuinely into athleticism, but your heart wasn't really in it.

13. When your big moment came to score, you botched it. Hard.

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14. You pretended you were too sick to go to practice...

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15. ...but your parents knew the truth and made you go anyway.

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16. You got accustomed to all the personal space you had in the outfield...

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17. ...but right when you were really getting deep into your comfort zone, you realized the ball was coming right for you.

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18. The sounds of your teammates screaming "RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" made you freeze in place.

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19. Your team learned that if they didn't have an eye on you, you would always give the other team the ball.

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20. If you did happen to catch the ball or whatever, you were unreasonably happy.

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21. After practice, you just wanted to be done with everything.

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22. The one thing that made your time as a young, struggling athlete worth it? The Capri-Sun.

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