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    Feb 4, 2015

    21 Dumb Questions That Could Have Made This Sheikh LOL

    What could they possibly have asked him? Via Viner Yossef Alshammri.

    Make sure to click the volume button so you can hear the Sheikh's adorable laugh!

    1. "Salaam Sheikh. What number do you use on your beard clipper? My wife thinks you’re cute."

    2. "I know there is a debate about whether Doritos are halal or not, but WILL I GET THEM IN HEAVEN?"

    3. "Is Ebola the ISIS of biological agents?"

    4. "How do you keep your whites so fresh? Is there a special-order Sheikh-brand detergent?"

    5. "Are you taken? Just asking. For a sister."

    6. "So, is that four wives minimum?"

    7. "Do you condemn ISIS? From the show Archer, I mean. Can I watch Archer?"

    8. "Hey, mister, are you Islam?"

    9. "Uh, Sheikh, is my wudu invalidated if a kid who climbs on my back during prayer pees his pants?"

    10. "If eating pigs is allowed on an island when you're starving, is masturbation allowed if I'm a buster, romantically speaking?"

    11. "When you ask us to prioritize having Iman in our life, you mean the supermodel, right?"

    12. "Is coffee considered a drug? CAUSE I AM ADDICTED, SHEIKH, PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME STOP."

    13. "How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real Imam Sahib"

    14. "Am I allowed to name my son Ibn Badass?"

    15. "Has anyone ever told you that you should drop a mixtape? Your adhan is hype."

    16. "If I take a Gatorade bath after basketball with the brothers, am I considered ritually pure?"

    17. "I know that regulation size for beards is that it should be fist-sized with shaved mustache, but what about... other body hairs?"

    18. "I know we don't celebrate Christmas, but can I at least pretend so that I get presents anyway?"

    19. "So Sheikh, what's your sign? Wait, is the zodiac haram? I'M A CAPRICORN."

    20. "I've never heard an Imam laugh before. Can you please laugh and say 'astaghfirullah' for me? THANKS."

    21. "Can I get four husbands, then?"

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