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20 Times The Internet Hilariously Summed Up Your Ramadan

"Not even water?" - white people proverb.

1. You make all these promises to become a better Muslim...

me on the start of Ramadan : assalamualaikum Allah : new phone who's dis???

2. ...but man, it's tough.

#YouKnowItsRamadanWhen bae hits you with that "I'll see you in a month" text

3. Somehow the moon has taken control of all of your relationships.

4. You wake up for suhoor and of course, this happens.

You know it's #Ramadan when all your friends are tweeting at 2am.

5. You stuff yourself because it feels like iftar is so far away.

6. And you do all sorts of calculations in your head to figure out if you've had enough water.

7. After suhoor, you make sure to do EXTRA purifying wudu.

8. But that extra water catches up with you.

When u drink so much water during sehri that you can't go back to sleep cause you have to use the bathroom every 20 minutes #RamadanProblems

9. And after all that, sometimes you forget anyway.

#YouKnowItsRamadanWhen #muslimimagines When you accidently forget your fast so this happens

10. You might have an intense flirtation with some pastries.

11. You have to field a bunch of questions about Ramadan...

12. ...but you take it all in stride because it's Ramadan, remember? You're supposed to be a better person.

13. It's hard not to throw a few zingers at the community, though.

#YouKnowItsRamadanWhen you see so many recycled tweets ♻️

14. It always takes some time to readjust to fasting.

Wife: 'Oh man, I feel so dizzy. How long left till Iftaar?' Me: *Looks at watch* '...It's 11.30 am'

15. Everybody's different though. Some people keep it real.

16. Others keep it a little too real.

About now is when the lota water begins to look attractive

17. But oh man, when it's time to break your fast, things get CRAZY.

18. Just hope you're by some good food when you hear the maghrib adhan.

19. And remember to protect yourself during taraweeh.

lol never wear ur nike slippers to taraweeh they will disappear #facts #RamadanProblems

20. Thank you, internet Muslims. For being the gift that keeps giving,

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