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13 Root Vegetables That Look Like Rupert Murdoch

We know your secret, Rupert. High starch content.

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1. Rupertato Murdoch

Mike Coppola / Via Getty Images
Flickr: banger1977 / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: banger1977

2. Rupertabaga Murdoch

Cameron Spencer / Via Getty Image
Flickr: -meredith- / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: poppy-in-provence

3. Rupert Murdonion

Justin Sullivan
Flickr: Glenn / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: graibeard

4. Rupert Burdock

Scott Olson / Getty Imag
Flickr: Beautiful Cataya / Creative Commons / Flickr: beautifulcataya

5. Rubeet Murdoch

Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images
Flickr: Darwin Bell / Creative Commons / Flickr: darwinbell

6. Rupert Murjicama

Brendon Thorne / Via Getty Images
Flickr: Farmanac / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: farmanac

7. Rupert Murdocarrot

Kevork Djansezian
Flickr: Nick Wheeler / Creative Commons / Flickr: nickwheeleroz

8. Ruparsnip Murdoch

William West / Via AFP / Getty Images
Flickr: Stacy / Creative Commons Flickr: notahipster

9. Turnip Murdoch

Scott Olson / Via Getty Images
Flickr: Nicholas Noyes / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: niznoz

10. Radishpt Murdoch

Pool / Via Getty Images
Flickr: Mike McCune / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mccun934

11. Rupert Yamdoch

WILLIAM WEST / Via Getty Images
Flickr: Global Crop Diversity Trust / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: croptrust

12. Sweet Rupertato Murdoch

Don Emmert / Via AFP / Getty Images
Flickr: Alan Levine / Creative Commons / Flickr: cogdog

13. Rupert Murdaikon

Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez / Via Getty Images
Flickr: Rachel / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: rachelpasch

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