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24 Answers From Ludacris' AMA That Will Fulfill Your F-F-F-Fantasy

He made it so good you didn't wanna leave.

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Ludacris took to Reddit last night to promote his upcoming album, Ludaversal, and movie, Furious 7. His fans came out in force and Ludacris had a hell of a time. Here are just a few of the things we learned from chilling with Luda.

1. He's tough AND cute.

2. He still drives his old car.

3. Because he likes to remember his roots.

4. He's a stickler for proper tense agreement.

LudacrisVEVO / Via

5. And he knows it's spelled with an asterisk.

6. And he's an avid user of italics.

7. He's got healthy self-esteem.

8. He does a lot of research to make sure his songs are accurate.

9. The Rock and Terrance Howard were big inspirations for his body and soul, respectively.

10. He was once a rapper with a Trapper.

LudacrisVEVO / Via

11. Ludacris is a very appropriate stage name.

12. But Ludacris wasn't his first alter ego.

13. Paul Walker is still in his thoughts.

14. He cares a lot about his music.

15. Seriously, though, he uses a lot of italics.

LudacrisVEVO / Via

16. He loves his wife.

17. Crash meant the world to him.

18. He listens to Kendrick!

19. He has no acting training.

He also may have forgotten it's ALWAYS "2 Fast."

LudacrisVEVO / Via

20. He's chill.

21. But he's also punctual as hell.

22. He prefers quality over quantity.

23. He's got self-control.

LudacrisVEVO / Via

24. And finally, the most important answer of all.

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