26 Reasons You Should Be Obsessed With "Key & Peele"

    This list is the key to an appealing TV show.

    1. Look at these two handsome gentlemen.

    2. Key & Peele have magnificent synergy unmatched by any other sketch comedy duo this decade.

    3. Key is high-energy, all zany limbs and shouts.

    4. Peele is more chill, focusing on subtle eccentricities.

    5. But damn, when they come together?

    6. They're perfectly balanced! It's like both of them are capable of playing ANY character.

    7. Every character in the show, no matter how absurd, is treated like they are a complex human being.

    Rafi, we feel your pain. No. More. Slap-Ass.

    8. Like, who doesn't think of these guys as real football players?

    9. They've given life to raunchy church ladies...

    10. ...shade-throwing Indian doctors...

    11. ...and Meegan, the most magnificent creature TV has ever seen.

    12. They'll always surprise you with the diversity of settings and subjects they can tackle.

    13. Regardless of who they play, their accents and mannerisms are always perfectly on point.

    14. You can see it in their body language and hand motions.

    15. They have a real love for dialogue and delivery.

    16. And like the best comedy, there's usually a smart social critique somewhere in their sketches.

    17. They find brilliant new ways ways to joke about double standards and racism.

    18. Their sketch on bullying might actually be more effective than real PSAs.

    19. And can we talk about the consistently impressive cinematography?

    20. They clearly have a love for television and movies, since their parodies look and feel PERFECT.

    21. Sometimes the sets and effects are so high-quality you feel like you're watching a big-budget movie.

    22. And the makeup team is so committed and talented they were even nominated for an Emmy!

    23. Peele has the best Obama impression in the biz, but they made it even more genius with the addition of Luther, his anger translator.

    24. Even Obama was impressed.

    25. Seriously, if the president is watching the show, shouldn't the rest of the nation join him?

    26. Season 4 is on TV right now. What're you waiting for?