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19 Geniuses Who Kept It Completely Halal

"Allah view so much."

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1. This guy who knew how to make a good impression.

When you meet her father Father: please take a seat Me: Mashallah, this reminds me of how I sit down and read Quran all night long

2. This guy with the halal new way of saying "I love you."

Me to my Muslim girlfriend ~ Allah view so much :*

3. This guy who didn't get the hint.

4. This person who gave proper respect to the dead.

5. This guy who used the power of Ramadan for good.

Girl: come over Boy: I can't it's Ramadan Girl: no ones home 😏 Boy: neither is shaytan. Asalamualaikum.

6. This person who had the perfect response to a weird come-on.

7. This guy who wants kids to have their priorities straight.

Some of these kids talking about "bae this" and "bae that" need to first go and learn their alif bae tae's.

8. And this person who showed some self control.

#YouKnowItsRamadanWhen bae hits you with that "I'll see you in a month" text

9. This everyday school struggle.

when you're at school with your parents and a guy comes up and tries to talk to you #GrowingUpMuslim

10. This person who knows they have a lot of work to do before they're accepted in a Muslim family.

11. This person who kept their head in the game.

Me when I see haram tweets on the TL this month

12. This person who made a way too real approximation of a halal Muslim wedding night.

13. This guy who tried to keep the rejection halal.

14. This girl who slayed at her prom.

15. When things were a little too halal.

16. This person who fell in love at first sight.

When you see someone you like, instantly in your mind Relationship Status: Insha'Allah 😂 #halalhumor #MuslimsBeLike #RamadanEffect

17. This person who just completely gave up hope.

#growinguparab the only date you'll ever get

18. When religious boys talk about a girl they like.

19. And this high schooler who wanted to level the playing field.

For all y'all wondering why everyone's freaking out over my senior quote 😇

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