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    23 Questions American Muslims Should Stop Answering

    “Can you explain that to me again? I didn’t hear you the first hundred times.”

    1. Where are you REALLY from?

    2. Why is there a watering pot in your bathroom?

    3. Are Muslims allowed to listen to music?

    4. So, you're an Islam, right?

    5. So, what church do you go to?

    6. How can you live without drinking?

    7. Oh, you drink? I thought Muslims weren't supposed to.

    8. How can a Muslim be gay?

    9. Does your husband control what you do outside the house?

    10. Wait, so you can't eat or drink anything for a whole month?

    11. But you're not wearing a hijab, so you're not really Muslim, right?

    12. Is Barack Obama a secret Muslim?

    13. How is your English so good?

    14. Wait, you're not Arabic? Aren't all Muslims Arab?

    15. What do you look like without your scarf?

    16. Where are all the moderate Muslims?

    17. Why don't Muslims speak out against violence?

    18. Are you going to have an arranged marriage?

    19. So does your dad have other wives?

    20. Do you pray five times a day?

    21. Can Muslims be friends with non-Muslims?

    22. Why would anyone ever convert to Islam?

    23. Is Islam a religion of violence? Or is it a religion of peace?

    Just stop.