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34 "Pokémon" Games That Should Exist One Day

They're gonna run out of colors, rare jewels, and celestial bodies pretty soon.

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SO. Nintendo announced new installments in the mainline Pokémon franchise Friday morning. The new games, titled Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, are scheduled to drop on Nintendo 3DS in late 2016.

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The announcement came a day before the 20th anniversary of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green's release in Japan.

Naturally, there have been a lot of comments that after Black, White, Diamond, Pearl, X and Y, Nintendo is probably running out of names for the franchise.

But of course, Twitter came through with some pretty good ideas for new Pokémon game titles.

This is, by the way, a parody account and not the official account of Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto.

We also came up with a list of excellent titles for future Pokémon games. Nintendo is completely free to borrow any and all of these.

1. Pokémon Left and Pokémon Right

2. Pokémon East and Pokémon West

3. Pokémon Inside and Pokémon Outside

4. Pokémon Me and Pokémon You

5. Pokémon Angel and Pokémon Demon

6. Pokémon Old Testament and Pokémon New Testament (with Pokémon Qur'an as the Pokémon Yellow)

7. Pokémon Hands and Pokémon Feet

8. Pokémon Rice and Pokémon Beans

9. Pokémon Nacho Cheese and Pokémon Cool Ranch

10. Pokémon Cappuccino and Pokémon Earl Grey

11. Pokémon Paul Simon and Pokémon Art Garfunkel

12. Pokémon Finance Bro and Pokémon Vegan

13. Pokémon The Toilet Paper I Buy and Pokémon The Terrible Toilet Paper My Roommate Thinks It's Okay To Buy

14. Pokémon Digimon and Pokémon Pokémon

15. Pokémon LEGO and Pokémon K'NEX

16. Pokémon Paper or Pokémon Plastic

17. Pokémon Mom's New Boyfriend Darryl and Pokémon Mom's Old Boyfriend Eric

18. Pokémon Am I Alive or Pokémon Am I Dead

19. Pokémon Should I Eat That Last Donut? You Think Anyone Will Care? and Pokémon I'm Gonna Eat The Donut

20. Pokémon Bernie and Pokémon Hillary

21. Pokémon Socialism and Pokémon Capitalism

22. Pokémon Cocoa Pebbles and Pokémon The Generic Brand Ur Mom Bought

23. Pokémon USSR and Pokémon USA

24. Pokémon Reel Big Fish and Pokémon Squirrel Nut Zippers

25. Pokémon Android and Pokémon Apple

26. Pokémon Applebees Cajun Style Loaded Chili Fries and Pokémon Olive Garden Signature Stuffed Crab Fried Ravioli Bites

27. Pokémon Simon and Pokémon Schuster

Pokémon Coke and Pokémon Pepsi

29. Pokémon That Guy From The Black Keys and Pokémon The Other, Slightly Nerdier Guy From The Black Keys

30. Pokémon Hot Eric From The Co-Op and Pokémon Gene From Accounting

31. Pokémon The Ending To Lost Was A Satisfying Conclusion and Pokémon I Regret Ever Watching This Show

32. Pokémon Rainbow and Pokémon Monochrome

33. Pokémon Science and Pokémon Religion

34. Pokémon Freedom and Pokémon France (U.S. markets only)

The options are pretty much endless!

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