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21 Pictures Smart People Will Never Understand

I don't even understand what I don't understand.

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1. This moment.

2. Having that one friend to do this to.

3. Preventing yourself from saying this.

4. Brain freezes.

5. Tipping.

6. Using a calculator just in case.

7. Taking desperate measures.

8. Having completely unrealistic ambitions.

9. Learning your lesson. Slowly.

10. This struggle.

11. Failing to multitask.

12. Grasping at straws.

13. Taking shortcuts.

14. Getting creative.

15. Living this nightmare.

16. Half-assing your way through life.

17. Perseverance.

18. The power of prayer.

19. That Jesus doesn't always save.

20. The constant confusion.

21. And the freedom of giving up completely.

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