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20 People Who Forgot How To Behave In Museums

Because well-behaved museum-goers seldom make history.

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1. This purple-nurpler and his latest victim.

2. These kids who made a monkey of 17th century art.

3. This Classic Dad representing Classic Dads everywhere.

4. This girl who failed to impress Hercules.

5. This girl who can't resist rock-hard abs.

6. This fabulous boy who gave the wolves life (almost).

8. This girl who found her little spoon.

...and the couple weirdly watching.


9. And this married woman...

10. This girl who totally nailed it.

Lol my dad and I have way too much fun at the Museum of Modern Art

sanye west@ItsSaniyeFollow

Lol my dad and I have way too much fun at the Museum of Modern Art

3:56 PM - 13 Oct 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

11. This guy who started at the bottom.

...and will probably be escorted out pretty soon.

12. This woman who nailed her reenactment of Night At The Museum.

13. This unfortunate boob-graze.

14. This woman who was totally underwhelmed.

15. This person who DON'T. WANT. NONE. UNLESS YOU GOT. BUNS. HUN.

16. This guy who was really getting inside Buddha's head.

17. This moment when planking became art.

18. When Henry Ford really revved this woman's motor.

19. This girl getting in one last squeeze before closing time.