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26 People Who Are Using The Internet For Good

Memes should heal, not hurt.

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1. This guy who just loves boneless avocados.

2. This person's mom.

3. The person pumping out these hopeless romantic memes.

4. Dr. Dog.

5. These people who just love a great pic.


6. This exemplary human being.

7. This student who needed to share the joy of life with Twitter.

Selfie with my teacher while she having contractions ๐Ÿ˜„

8. This model of friendship.

9. Lorde, saver of souls.

10. This person with an open heart.

11. This person who wants us to consider the dog's point of view.

12. The creator of this harmless joke.

13. This shining beacon of goodness.

14. Whoever drew up the meme menu.

15. This friend to all, big or small.

16. This corrector of bad behavior.

17. Kevin Spacey, the ultimate jokester.

18. Whoever uploaded this completely unironic thought process.

19. This admirer of the details.

20. This loyal dude.

21. This like-minded duck lover.

22. This video expert who's just trying to do his best.

23. This person who only curses when there are puns to be made.

24. This real-life love story.

25. These excited pups.

26. And this guy who just wants to relax.

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