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23 Adult Situations That'll Make You Bawl Like It's The First Day Of School

Are you going to miss your mom? “No... :( :( :(”

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Andrew Macias, this adorable 4-year old boy, tried to stay tough after a reporter asked him if he'll miss his mom during the first day of school.

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But he couldn't keep it together.

Let's be honest. This is not exclusive to 4-year olds. This is a very adult response to some very adult situations. For example:

1. When bae says "Hey, I watched the last episode of Game of Thrones. You don't mind, right?"

2. When someone asks, "You didn't want that last slice of pizza, did you?"

3. When an old lady on the subway asks if you’re going to take the free seat:

4. When your mom's like, "Are you ever gonna get married?"

5. When somebody says "Hey, did you do anything fun this weekend?"

6. When someone asks if you mind splitting the bill when all you ordered was appetizers:

7. When Mom asks, "You didn't forget to take the meat out of the freezer, right?"

8. When your boss asks, "Are you tired or something?" during a meeting:

9. When someone asks you if you're a virgin:

10. When your best friend is like, "Wait, are you seriously still mad from yesterday?"

11. When you're on a diet and someone asks you if you want a cupcake:

12. When your crush is like "Wait, you didn't think I liked you, did you?"

13. When someone asks if you thought Sirius was really dead at the end of Order of the Phoenix:

14. When your best friend asks, "You don't mind if I hang out with my boyfriend tonight, right?"

15. When Nicki Minaj asks Drake if he seriously loves her:

16. When a co-worker asks you if you're the one who's stealing desserts from the fridge:

17. When your crush sniffs the air and asks you if you farted:

18. When your trainer asks you "IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?"

19. When your mom asks you if you're nervous for your job interview:

20. When someone asks you if you cried during Frozen:

21. When bae's gone for the weekend and asks, "Do you miss me?"

22. When your friends asks if you mind getting yourself to the airport:

23. When someone actually does ask you if you miss your mom:

Bless you little guy. Bless you.

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