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21 People Share The Video Game That Changed Their Life Forever

We asked PAX Prime attendees, "What's the first game that made you love gaming?" #myfirstgame

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2. Starcraft gave this guy the competitive spirit which led him to be a pro Super Smash Bros. player.

Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"My brother would thrash me endlessly in all games, but I played SC endlessly and tirelessly to beat him!!"

3. Street Fighter II was the best game to show off your skills at the arcade and led this guy to work in the fighting game industry.

Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"A sense of complete mystery + the chance to enrage total strangers." (same tbh)

4. The Legend of Zelda - A Link To The Past cured boredom with all its tools and dungeons.

Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"It was the longest I wasn't bored! Lots of tools! So many dungeons! YAAAAAAS ❤️"

6. Pokemon Stadium's minigames were so epic it brought the whole neighborhood together.

Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"The competition over mini-games in my neighborhoods was fierce AF."

9. Metroid fostered a love for all the hard things in life for this financial auditor.

Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"I would be so into it that I had a notebook full of maps that I drew out myself. (Games were harder😜)" He's also a pro Samus main in Super Smash Bros. Melee!

18. Counter-Strike was a great way to get into online gaming and ya know, pwning noobs and what-have-you.

Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"It was my favorite because it was my first serious competitive online experience. The 💣 has been defused."

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