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Women Are Hilariously Trolling The Canadian Prime Minister Over His Statements About Muslim Dress

#DresscodePM is trending after Stephen Harper made comments critical of Muslim women's dress.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is under fire Wednesday after making controversial comments about the niqab.

In a debate with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, Harper said the niqab was against Canadian values and rooted in an "anti-women" culture.

Trudeau noted that Harper's comments, which were focused on a lack of transparency during citizenship ceremonies, did not distinguish between the hijab (which covers the hair) and niqab (which also covers most of the the face). Trudeau suggested that the government is willing to "confuse and conflate the issue in a way which encourages ignorance."

Naturally, Twitter has been tweeting at Harper all day with the wonderfully sassy hashtag #dresscodepm.

As long as a the niqab remains an issue for him, it behooves all women of Canada to check w/@pmharper each morn as they dress. #dresscodePM

do you like how my hijab matches my mug of your male tears? stop telling women how to dress @pmharper #dresscodePM

.@pmharper when my daughter covers her face, do I need to report her to someone in your office? #DressCodePM

Now airing on TLC the new "What Not to Wear " ft @pmharper as the new host #dresscodePM

@pmharper I know it's from a foreign country but is it ok if I where this @umich hoodie? #dresscodePM #listennotsave

Many women, particularly Muslim, mocked Harper for suggesting they needed his consent to dress freely.

Stephen Harper forgive me for I have sinned, I dressed without your consent this morning #DressCodePM #Doyouapprove

Hey @pmharper, I'm a proud Canadian woman and I'm wearing my hejab. Is this pic acceptable to you #dresscodePM.

Others noted the hypocrisy of Harper's "anti-women culture" comment.

Sorry, @PMHarper, the cure for “anti-women culture” is not to tell women what they can and cannot wear. Nice try, #dresscodePM

This ok with you @PMHarper? High heels are rooted in an anti-women culture, so. #dresscodePM

This woman jumped on Harper's logic that "almost all Canadians are opposed to face coverings in citizenship ceremonies."

Seems almost all Canadians oppose wearing bell bottoms, but I kind of like them. Are they still legal? #dresscodePM

Canadian fashion staples were questioned.

.@pmharper is ok that her face is covered? #dresscodePM

As were Harper's own fashion follies.

Where can I buy and perfect *this* offensive look @pmharper? #dresscodePM #cdnpoli

Some Muslim women just told him to step off.

DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO #dresscodePM @pmharper

@pmharper Too oppressive or too much awesome? #dresscodePM #listennotsave Sorry can't dial down awesomeness.

Looks like Harper's job just became a hell of a lot harder.

Just realised, since @pmharper will now have to approve every Canadian woman's outfit he won't have time to ruin the country.#DressCodePM

Prime Minister Harper's comments were directed towards the niqab (face covering) and not the hijab (head scarf). A previous version of this article stated that Harper was critical of the hijab as well.