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29 Times Tumblr Had Serious Questions About Pokémon

Mewtwo thick as hell, though.

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1. On Pikachu's secret hobby:

2. On the secret power of closed eyes in the Pokémon universe:

3. On the horror of being an Ice-type Pokémon:

4. On the confusing genetics of the Joy clan:

5. When they realized there is no good answer to this question:

6. On Mewtwo's body-type:

7. On the resumé you could build playing Pokémon Snap:

8. On "water cannons":

9. When a secret cross-over happened and only Tumblr noticed:

10. On socially-constructed categories:

11. On whatever PP stands for:

12. When they realized Pokémon is nearly twenty years old:

13. On the truest Pokémon master of the cartoon:

14. When Team Rocket's Pokémon strategy was TERRIBLE:

15. When Bulbasaur was a damn salad:

16. When the Pokédex sizes didn't make any damn sense:

17. When Groudon was definitely screwed:

18. When Pokémon might have time-travelled:

19. When they solved the mystery of Alakazam's spoons:

20. When they realized construction in Lumiose City was a LIE:

21. On how elusive Mew supposedly is:

22. On the terror of fusing with Golbat:

23. When cover art was ~deeper~ than you realized:

24. On the worst dinner ever:

25. On the eternal beauty of Pokémon's game design:

26. The moment when they decided they were gonna watch to the very end:

27. When Chandelure existed in the real world:

28. On natural selection:

29. On whatever the hell is happening here:

H/t: /r/Pokemon.

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