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What's The Deal With This Ridiculously Popular 12-Year-Old Rapper?


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Here's a sample of his music.

Keep in mind he is not actually affiliated with Kidz Bop.

His videos are explicitly marketed as kid-friendly versions of pop songs for his fans, known as BBoys and BGirls.

MattyBRaps / Via

As seen by this very kid-appropriate version of Chris Brown's "(These Hoes Ain't) Loyal."


I did some quick math and added up the views of every video he's posted that has broken 10 million views. It totals, approximately, 1.2 billion views.


If views on his top videos were people, the Democratic (?) Rapublic of MattyB would be the third most populous country in the WORLD.

Props to him for having such a successful internet career. It is very impressive to independently pull such a massive fan base before even hitting puberty.

But there are so many questions. Like, how did he slip under the radar? Where are his parents? How is the production quality so damn high? If he's trying to make kid-friendly versions of songs, doesn't he have to listen to the uncensored version? Does he go to school? Are all his fans teens? Are some of them robots?

Are you part of MattyB's Army? Please help me understand how this is possible.

If you haven't checked out @MattyBRaps new cover you're missing out, watch it here 👉