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    The "Mario Kart: Fury Road" Trailer Is The Gritty Nintendo Movie We Need

    "Welcome to Mario Kart!" has never sounded so chilling.

    This Friday, YouTube user sundbergkr — in a stunning instance of I DID NOT KNOW I NEEDED THIS IN MY LIFE — released a fan trailer for Mario Kart: Fury Road, a mash-up of summer blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road and Mario Kart.

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    It's not the Mario Kart you're used to, but it fits perfectly. The movie basically takes place on the Kalimari Desert from Mario Kart 64, after all.

    Both stories feature anxiety-ridden drivers struggling for items and resources.

    There are drivers with unfair power-ups.

    Unfathomable dangers lurk on every road.

    Just like Mario Kart, you don't know if it's enjoyable or so stressful you wanna puke.

    There are tons of little details for fans strewn throughout the trailer.

    One man, one blue shell.