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There's A New Character Named Linkle In An Upcoming "Zelda" Game

She's wearing the iconic green tunic and everything.

Nintendo announced Thursday that it will be adding an entirely original character named Linkle to Hyrule Warriors: Legends for the 3DS.

A new playable female character named Linkle enters the Zelda universe in #HyruleWarriors Legends. #NintendoDirect

Linkle is just one of many playable Legend of Zelda characters in Hyrule Warriors.

Though Nintendo has not actually officially said she's a female incarnation of Link, it totally seems like she is.

There is even a moment when Linkle looks longingly at the compass and green tunic every Link throughout history has used.

She's got her own flair, though — instead of fighting with a sword and shield, she slays with two crossbows.

And instead of a spin attack with a sword, Linkle has a fiery spin kick.

Honestly iconic already.

Check out the trailer for the Linkle reveal and the Hyrule Warriors: Legends trailer here.

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