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    19 Videogame Vines That Will Put A Big Dumb Grin On Your Face

    "Let me test my buttons."

    1. That moment when your friends asked if they could "test their buttons."

    2. That one friend who was a little too obsessed with Yoshi.

    3. When you walked literally two feet in any RPG from the '90s or early 2000s. / Via Twitter: @infernoomni

    4. When you played Pokémon and dealt with dialog like this.

    5. When a game gave you the opportunity to input your own texts and you were less than mature.

    6. When GTA characters were a little too hard.

    7. When final bosses had introduction sequences like this.

    8. When you had a low-key turnup when playing the Wii.

    9. tbh Wii music is perfect for any kind of turn-up.

    10. When basically every rhythm game ever boiled down to this.

    11. When your parents didn't get you exactly the game you asked for.

    12. This nostalgia rush to the system.

    13. Or this reminder of the obscene amount of outdated video game raps there are from the '90s.

    14. When Mario's mushrooms had an inexplainably weird logic.

    15. This moment when you said "just fuck it all" and used a code.

    16. Zelda music. Period.

    17. The sounds to Mortal Kombat. Period.

    18. The iconic moves from Street Fighter II. Period.

    Be honest. You did this.

    19. And that one guy who will literally always play Mario Kart.

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