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    Oh Look, Drake Dressed Like An Embarrassing Uncle At A Function Again

    "Brothers and sisters, quick announcement — If you own a white Toyota Camry, can you please move it? You're blocking the mosque exit."

    Drake's no stranger to being turned into a meme by communities all around the world.

    drake: physical sighting of the moon is required rihanna: we use astronomical calculations in this house

    So when he hosted the third annual Houston Appreciation Weekend in this interesting shirt and pants number, Twitter had a field day making fun of him.

    Drake shared a few words at #HAW. Side note, how y'all feeling his outfit? 👀

    Basically, he looks like that tired, sad uncle from your community, desperately trying to make his announcements heard while everyone talks over him.

    "asalaamualaikum brothers and sisters...quick announcement..if u own a white toyota camry plz move it you are block…

    He's just trying to make order out of chaos.

    @bizzleosikoya "Please stay in your seats, the jollof will reach you"

    Like honestly, how can you NOT relate to this?

    Pls all youth should stay back after the service. We won't take up too much of your time

    He's just trying to keep the community together.

    "Salam khawateen hazraat, as you may know from the monthly emails, the masjid needs more funding pls donate to keep…

    The mic pushed too close to the lips, the clenched fist, the matching shorts and was too good.

    Hello Jamaica. My name is Aubrey Graham, my hobbies including singing. In the future, God willing, I will become a…

    Everyone can see a little bit of someone they know in him.

    Y is DRAKE looking like he's about to share a testimony in "mountain of fire ministries" 😂😂😂

    Why Drake look like he about to drop the gurdwara building fund speech?

    "Car number GS 2644 -15 please you are blocking the wedding car."

    Some people thought he looked a bit...childish up there.

    "My name is Oluwadare Oke, am in primary 4c. I want to say meri kreesmas to my mummy an my daddy, uncle Supo, aunty…

    My name is Godspower drekene Okafor & the title of my poem is Dear mother.

    'Emmm my name is Drake and my special number is titled One Dance'.

    Never stop unintentionally (intentionally?) being the meme of our dreams, Aubrey.