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16 Times Tumblr Used Just One Sentence To Say It All

Oh my god.

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1. Tumblr users are great because sometimes they just drop one sentence that really makes you think:

2. Like this time when they dispensed this bit of universal wisdom:

3. They showed you it's ok to have anxiety:

4. And gave you some good fucking advice:

5. They wished life was more simple:

6. And perfectly summed up adulthood:

7. They made you realize how much you were cared for:

8. They also put their finger on what all excuses boil down to:

9. They summed up your argumentation style:

10. They made us appreciative of the beauty of language:

11. And hungry for the future:

12. As well as bitter at the cost of adulthood:

13. They showed us what procrastination really means:

14. As well as the truth of some common friendly phrases:

15. Sometimes their wisdom made you feel a little jealous:

16. But breathe a sigh of relief, because you're okay in the end:

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