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There's A Fake Hat Trend On Vine And It'll Make Your Day

You might call this a.... hat trick hahahahahahah aaaaaahhahahahahahah oh my god what is happening.

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Because of how small-scale Vine is, people have started using a low-budget prop to indicate a different character.

And there's an increasing trend of giving no fucks about how realistic looking that prop is.

Here are just a few of the most ridiculous "hats" that Viners have used.

A regular bucket hat.

A headwrap.

A bicycle helmet.

A bunch of black cloth.

A bunch of black cloth with a hanger-attachment.

A baseball mit.

An iron.

BTW Jay Versace is the king of this.


A stinky old FedEx box.

A plastic bag with the word "bald" written on it in pencil.

Aaaaand a laptop.