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    6 Helpful Tips From A Lawyer If You're Stressed About Crossing The Border

    Nabiha Syed comes to See Something Say Something to fix all of our lives.

    On the premiere episode of Season 2 of See Something Say Something, we caught up with BuzzFeed News lawyer Nabiha Syed and culture writer Bim Adewunmi.

    In a new segment called "Nabiha Please Fix My Life," we took questions from the BuzzFeed office and asked her about crossing the border, pattern mixing, and talking to old white men.

    ALSO, we did a Mean Girls-style montage to describe how much of an icon @nabihasyed is and it is INCREDIBLE.…

    On to the advice!

    1. When you're crossing the border, invoking the Fourth Amendment and your "rights" is not a magical formula to prevent Customs and Border Patrol from detaining you.

    Gonna be posting a few clips from the @seesomething season 2 premiere; here's @nabihasyed explaining the concept of…

    2. On border crossing, Nabiha said you can resist complying with things like excessive questioning and harassment, but it's probably only advisable if you have the privilege of US citizenship.

    3. The legality of CBP asking for your passwords is pretty murky, but you probably don't have to give them up if you are a US citizen.

    Here's @nabihasyed on the legal murkiness of Customs and Border Patrol's requests for your phone and laptop password

    The battle just could be long.

    4. You can say "Do I have to answer that?" if you're asked any overly invasive questions you don't want to answer.

    5. But also, if you just want to get home and watch Netflix, you do you! It's totally cool to just comply and get out.

    6. Outside of the border, when you're stuck in a room with white men who want to ignore you, just pretend like they're from an alien planet and you'll do fine.

    In one of my favorite metaphors ever, @nabihasyed explains how she deals with entitled white men — she pretends lik…

    Listen to the entire "Nabiha Please Fix My Life" segment in the newest episode of See Something Say Something below. Also, in the same episode, check out a conversation with Bim about Mahershala Ali's Oscar win!

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